Hi, I'm Nancy, mom of 3 really nice young adult children and a beautiful daughter-in-law plus 3 or 4 dogs on any given day, Grammie to my adorable little grandson, hopefully a good friend to many, artist, graphic designer, sometimes foodie chef, sometimes party-planner, sometimes dreamer. And now, the voice behind the Maddalee blog and hopefully a new friend of yours!

I love to design and I love to share a fun project that may be a delightful diversion in a busy day, a quiet and creative time. And children, I love when children are happy and play the games of childhood. What could I do to brighten your day? Share a few fun projects? Take a little break and make something sweet for yourself or to give away. It makes me feel great to share and hopefully these projects spread happiness all around. All I ask is that you show me a little love and subscribe to Maddalee and I will return the love and friendship by giving as much as I can to you all. Let's keep Maddalee fun going!

My favorite things here at the Maddalee blog are you, my friends. Sharing with you. I hope to meet more of you and to hear back from you, your stories, helping our friendship grow.

I love you all, my Maddalee Friends, I think of you often. Be well!